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Distinguish Between

Differentiate between conventional and non-conventional energy .



  Conventional Energy Non-Conventional Energy
1 Conventional energy is finite and hidden It is reliable and plentiful.
2 These will become more expensive as supplies dwindle and demand increase. These will potentially be very cheap once technology and infrastructure improve.
3 These sources on burning produce greenhouse gases and other pollutants that effects human health and environment. These are clean sources of energy. They produce neither greenhouse gases, which cause climate change nor polluting emissions.
4 These has low maintenance cost and require less land area for installations. These has high maintenance cost and require large land area for installations.
5 There are many safety concerns surrounding these resources, such as explosion on oil platforms and collapsing coal mines. There are as such no safety concerns with these resources.
6 These resources have high energy density. These resources have less energy density.
7 Coal, petroleum, natural gases are the examples of conventional energy resources. Solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy etc. are the examples of non conventional energy sources.
Concept: Importance of Renewable Sources of Energy
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