Maharashtra State BoardHSC Arts 12th Board Exam
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Differentiate between: Barren and Non-agricultural land - Geography

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Distinguish Between

Differentiate between:

Barren and Non-agricultural land

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Barren Land

Non-agricultural Land

(i) The land which is not used for any human activity is called barren land. In other words, it is a wasteland.

(i) The land which is used by man for various human activities except for agricultural activity, is called as non-agricultural land.

(ii) For example, hilly or mountainous land, desert land, ravines, swamps, and marshy land, etc.

(ii) For example, land used for housing, industries, construction of roads, railways, etc.

(iii) Generally barren land cannot be used for agriculture or other activities with available technology.

(iii) Due to the development of secondary or tertiary activities there is an increase in the use of non-agricultural land.

Concept: Land Use Classification
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