Dialogue writing /drafting speech. (05) 1 or 2 Do any one of following - English (Second/Third Language)

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Answer in Brief

Dialogue writing/drafting speech.

1. Dialogue writing

A) Put the sentences in proper order. (1)

  1. I am reading a book.
  2. Which book you are reading?
  3. I am reading Wings of fire
  4. What are you doing?

B) Complete the dialogue. (1)

A: Do you like sports?
B: ________________.
A: which sports do you like?
B: _______________.

C) Develop a meaningful dialogue between you and your friend regarding the precautions to take during the pandemic situation of the coronavirus. (Minimum three exchanges) (3)


2. Drafting Speech

Your school has decided to celebrate “Teacher's Day”
Draft a speech with the help of the following points. You may add your own points.

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Solution 1

1. A)

iv. What are you doing?
i. I am reading a book.
ii. Which book are you reading?
iii. I am reading Wings of fire.


A: Do you like sports?
B: Yes, I do like sports.
A: which sports do you like?
B: I like cricket.


Kriti (I) Hey Vicky! How’ve you been?
Vicky (Friend) Hey Kriti! I’m fine. Hope you and your family members are good too.
Kriti Yeah, yeah. Good going. But, this current situation of the pandemic has tensed all of us and none of us are going out anywhere.
Vicky That’s really sad to know what the world is going through.
We too are staying completely at home.
Kriti But, we need to take due care and precaution. We must keep washing our hands frequently with water and soap or use a sanitizer.
Vicky Rightly said, Kriti. Also, if at all, need be, we’re going out, we must wear a face mask.
Kriti We must maintain a distance of 3 meters from other people in public.
Vicky Yes. Social distancing is important during pandemic times. I pray for the times to ease out and the novel coronavirus to take a backseat.
Kriti Same here.

Solution 2


A teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill the love of learning. A teacher is a friend, philosopher, and guide. Teachers are the facilitators who are known to shape the mind of youth. It is a teacher who imparts good values to children and turns them into responsible citizens. A teacher is an excellent motivator and educator who brightens up a soul with his/her light of knowledge.
Greetings to everyone present in this auditorium. Respected principal ma’am, teachers, and all my dear friends, on this wonderful morning, I stand before you to celebrate the beautiful occasion of teachers’ day. Primarily, I’d like to wish all the teachers, a very happy teachers’ day. My friends and I would take this golden opportunity to welcome all of you here as we acknowledge and appreciate the work our teachers put in.
In the present times of the novel coronavirus pandemic, the entire world has been shaken. The work culture, office space, schools, and colleges have all condensed down to a single device. But, talking about our teachers, they have played the real heroes of our lives. Within no time, our teachers have turned techno-savvy and are doing more than double the work they are used to doing in the pre covid times. Teachers never leave their students and that is how their students outshine during the time of results. This is possible only because they are great curriculum designers. I take a lot of inspiration from my teachers of late. Our teachers are role models in the truest of the sense. A teacher has to play multiple roles in his carrier. He/She is a planner, assessor and counsellor, leader, mentor, and most interestingly an actor when it requires to be really tough with the students. They show their best efforts. Teachers are resourceful, dedicated, and hard-working. To sum it up all, I’d like to say:
Thank you, everyone. A big salute to the teachers.

Concept: Dialogue Writing
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