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Diagram Shows the Reproductive System of Female Human Beings: (I) Name the Parts Numbered 1 to 14. (Ii) Normally, After How Many Days Does an Ovary Release an Egg? (Iii) Where Are the Sperm - Biology

Answer in Brief

Diagram shows the reproductive system of female human beings:
(i) Name the parts numbered 1 to 14.
(ii) Normally, after how many days does an ovary release an egg?
(iii) Where are the sperms released during coitus?
(iv) What is the role of sperms after their ejaculation in vagina?
(v) What is the function of the organ numbered 5?
(vi) What is the gestation period in human?

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  1. Fallopian tube
  2. Funnel like opening
  3. Ovary
  4. Uterus
  5. Sacrum
  6. Rectum
  7. Cervix
  8. Anus
  9. Vagina
  10. Front of pelvis
  11. Bladder
  12. Muscular uterine wall
  13. Muscular wall of abdomen
  14. Peritoneum

(ii) Normally, after 28 days an ovary releases an egg.
(iii) During coitus, sperm are released in the vagina.
(iv) After ejaculation in vagina, sperms undergo fertilization where it fuses with an ovum of female to form zygote.
(v) The function of sacrum is to protect the pelvic organs or reproductive organs of female.
(vi) The gestation period in human is 280 days.

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Frank ICSE Class 10 Biology
Chapter 11 Reproductive System
Exercise | Q 1 | Page 143
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