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“Development of Means of Transport and Communication Was the Major Factor in the Rise of the National Movement in India.” Discuss. - History and Civics

Short Note

 “Development of means of transport and communication was the major factor in the rise of the National Movement in India.” Discuss.

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Development of means of transport and communication: The British knew that without proper means of transport and communication, they would not be able to carry the trade efficiently. They not only built good roads but also built railways. They did all this with a view to have a better administrative control over India. But the railways proved to be a great boon (in disguise) to the people of India. The railways not only connected various cities of the country but the people living in far-flung areas travelled freely and mixed with one-another also. The feeling of separate regions for people began to diminish fast. The people began to realize the truth that they belonged to the same country and belong to one nation.
The means of communication soon created geographical unity. All educated people living in different parts of the country came in contact with one-another. They exchanged their views and discussed the problems which they were facing under the foreign rule. Soon they mobilized public opinion on a national scale. The people no longer talked about their regions separately, but as a nation raised their voice against the British imperialistic rule in India. It was this inspiration that made Indians launch a movement for the liberation of the country.

Concept: East India Association (Dadabhai Naoroji) as Precursors
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ICSE ICSE Class 10 History and Civics
Chapter 8 The Rise of Nationalism and Foundation of the Indian National Congress
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