Determine the Order of Reaction and the Dimensions of the Rate Constants - Chemistry

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From the rate expression for the following reactions, determine their order of reaction and the dimensions of the rate constants.

H2O(aq) + 3 I− (aq) + 2 H+ → 2 H2O (l) + `I_3^-` Rate = k[H2O2][I]

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Given rate = [H2O2] [I]

Therefore, order of the reaction = 2

Dimension of `k = "Rate"/([H_2O_2][I^(-)])`

= `("mol L"^(-1) s^(-1))/(("mol L"^(-1))("mol L"^(-1)))`

`= "Lmol"^(-1) s^(-1)`

Concept: Rate of a Chemical Reaction
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Chapter 4: Chemical Kinetics - Exercises [Page 117]


NCERT Class 12 Chemistry
Chapter 4 Chemical Kinetics
Exercises | Q 1.2 | Page 117

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