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Describe the Various Types of Placentations Found in Flowering Plants - Biology

Describe the various types of placentations found in flowering plants

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Placentation refers to the arrangement of ovules inside the ovary. It is of five basic types.

(A) Marginal placentation:

The ovary in which the placenta forms a ridge along the ventral suture of the ovary and the ovules develop on two separate rows is known to have marginal placentation. This type of placentation is found in peas

(B) Parietal placentation

When the ovules develop on the inner walls of the ovary, the ovary is said to have parietal placentation.

(C) Axile placentation

In axile placentation, the placenta is axial and ovules are attached to it. Examples include China rose, lemon, and tomato.

(D) Basal placentation

The ovary in which the placenta develops from its base and a single ovule is found attached to the base is said to have basal placentation. It is found in marigold and sunflower.

(E) Free central placentation

In free central placentation, the ovules develop on the central axis while the septa are absent. This type of placentation is found in Dianthus and prim

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NCERT Class 11 Biology Textbook
Chapter 5 Morphology of Flowering Plants
Q 10 | Page 83
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