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Describe various methods of fish preservation. - Biology

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Answer in Brief

Describe various methods of fish preservation.

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After catching the fishes, fish spoilage is prevented by different preservation methods like:

  1. Chilling with ice: It is a method of refrigeration. Due to the lowering of temperature, putrefaction is prevented and the quality of fish is maintained.
  2. Freezing: Freezing of fishes helps to retain the natural appearance of fishes.
  3. Freeze drying: Fishes are frozen and dried.
  4. Smoke drying: This removes the moisture and prevents the growth of bacteria.
  5. Sun-drying: Fishes are dried in sun to remove moisture.
  6. Salting: By adding salt, dehydration takes place by osmosis.
  7. Canning: Fishes are preserved in cans with salt or other artificial preservatives.
Concept: Animal Husbandry (Livestock) - Pisciculture (Fish Farming)
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Balbharati Biology 12th Standard HSC for Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 11 Enhancement of Food Production
Exercises | Q 4.3 | Page 271
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