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Describe two features of early feudal society in France. - History

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Answer in Brief

Describe two features of early feudal society in France.

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Feudalism was a socio-economic system existing in France, England and Italy during the 9th and 15th centuries. Two features of the early feudal society in France are as follows:

1. Agricultural production was based on the relation between lords and peasants. The lords owned huge lands and the peasants had to cultivate their own lands as well as those of the lords.

2. The lords provided military protection to the peasants for the services rendered by them. The lords also extended judicial control over the peasants and the settlements.

Thus, feudalism was responsible for establishing a hierarchy in the society; it had its repercussions on the social, economic and political aspects of life of the medieval European men.

Concept: Feudal Society and Economy
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NCERT Class 11 History - Themes in World History
Chapter 6 The Three Orders
Exercise | Q 1 | Page 151
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