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Describe Three Kinds of Nerves, Giving the Example of Each. - Biology

Describe three kinds of nerves, giving the example of each.

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A nerve is formed by a group of nerve fibres (axons) encased by tubular medullary sheath. The medullary sheath acts as insulation and do not allow mixing up of impulses of the neighbouring axons (nerve fibres) We have three kinds of nerves:

  1. Sensory nerve: It brings impulses from sense organs as these have sensory fibres. These nerve carry the impulses from the sense organs to the brain or to the spinal cord as optic nerve of the eye.
  2. Motor nerves: These carry impulses to muscles or glands from the brain or spinal cord. These nerves have only motor fibres as nerves to the muscles of the eye ball.
  3. Mixed nerve: It has both sensory and motors fibres as nerve going to the tongue.
Concept: Types of Nerves: Sensory, Motor, Mixed
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