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Describe the Work of Wind Erosion and State Two Important Landforms of Wind Erosion. - Geography

Answer in Brief

Describe the work of wind erosion and state two important landforms of wind erosion.

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Winds move along the desert floors with great speed and the obstructions in their path create turbulence. Storm winds are formed which are very destructive. Winds cause deflation, abrasion, and impact. Deflation includes lifting and removal of dust and smaller particles from the surface of the rocks. The impact is simply the shear force of momentum which occurs when sand is blown into or against a rock surface. These are the ways in which wind action creates a number of interesting erosional and depositional features in the deserts.
Winds are not the only agent responsible for the erosional features of the deserts. Along with winds, the running water is also important for this.

Concept: Wind
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Morning Star ICSE Class 9 Total Geography
Chapter 10 Denudation
Long Answer Questions | Q 4
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