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Describe the Various Stages in Which the Aryans Entered India. - History and Civics

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Short Note

Describe the various stages in which the Aryans entered India.

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The Aryans entered India in the main two stages and took several centuries to bring India under their control.
The first settled in Sapta Sindhu. The region named Brahmavarta, which means the land of the gods. The period between 1,500 BCE and 1,000 BCE, during which they lived here, is known as the Early Vedic Period. Then Aryans moved ahead and settled in Gangetic Valley, the region named Aryavarta, the period between 1,000 BCE and 600 BCE, this period is known as the Later Vedic Period.

Concept: Aryans in the Sapta Sindhu and Gangetic Valley
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