Describe the steps of PCR technique. - Biology

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Describe the steps of PCR technique.

Explain different steps involved in PCR technique.


Solution 1

One cycle of Polymerase Chain Reaction involves three basic steps:

  1. Denaturation
  2. Annealing
  3. Polymerization

1. Denaturation:
The desired DNA is heated to a high temperature of about 91°C and forms a single-stranded DNA. It results in the separation of the two strands of DNA, each of which would function as a template for the synthesis of a new molecule of DNA.

2. Annealing:
It is the process in which the two primers (oligonucleotides) hybridize to each of the strands of DNA. It requires a temperature of 55°C.

3. Polymerization:
In this step, the Taq polymerase carries out the synthesis of the DNA region between the two primers by using deoxyribonucleotides (dNTPs) and Mg2+. The optimum temperature for this polymerization reaction is 72°C.

Solution 2

The three essential steps of the PCR technique are:

1. Heat denaturation: This step involves the heating of DNA at about 91°C. The heating breaks the hydrogen bonds to make ssDNA. The DNA molecule with more G-C pairs needs a higher temperature.

2. Annealing: It is the pairing of primers to the ssDNA segment. The primers have to be designed as per the requirement. This step requires temperature at about 55°C

3. Polymerisation: The temperature is raised to 72°C. The Taq polymerase adds dNTPs behind the primer on the ssDNA. These three steps constitute one cycle of the reaction (3-5 mins). The process is carried out for about 28-30 cycles beyond which its reliability decreases.

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Genetically engineered human insulin is obtained by inserting the gene in ______________.

Identify and complete the following correlation.

______ : Dwarfness :: Factor VIII : Hemophilia.

Give applications of a vaccine. 

Explain different biosafety issues that may arise due to genetically modified (GM) organisms.

What is biotechnology?

What do you know about utilization of microbes in ancient times?

Mention some food items prepared with the help of microbes around the world.

Explain "Biological control".

______ is one of the hormones synthesized by genetically modified microbes.

Biotechnology is the marriage of ______ with ______.

Biotechnology has enabled production of

Gari is made by

The Aryans made ______ as offering to God.

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Expand the following acronym which is used in the field of protechnology.


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Genetically modified crops.

Earlier insulin was being collected from the pancreas of horses.

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Living organism Substance that absorbs
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2) Pteris vittata b) Hydrocarbons
  c) Arsenic
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  2. Consumption of raw potatoes helps to develop immunity against that pathogen
  3. Isolation of desired gene from human pathogen
  4. Transgenic plant virus.
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"FlavrSavr" Tomato

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Golden Rice

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  • Statement I Gene therapy is the insertion of genes into an individual's cells and tissues to treat a genetic defect.
  • Statement II In gene therapy, a deleterious mutant allele is replaced with a functional one.

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Identify and complete the following correlation.

______ : Dwarfness :: Factor VIII : Haemophilia.

Identify and complete the following correlation.

______ : Dwarfness : : Factor VIII : Haemophilia.


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