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Describe the role of transport?



Transportation is the movement of people, animals, and goods from one location to another location or it can be defined as a means of carrying goods and people from one place to another place
Modes of transport: 
Generally, transportation is carried through various modes such as railways, roads, waterways, and the airway. Modes of transport are as follows:

  1. Road Transport:
    Roads are means that connect people and places on the surface of the land. It provides all-over connectivity in any terrain as compared to other modes of transport.
    Various means of transport are used under road transport such as bullock carts, cycles, rickshaws, buses, cars, etc.
  2. Rail Transport:
    Transportation of goods and passengers on rail lines through trains is called as rail transport.
    It occupies an important place inland transport system of our country and is the most dependable mode of transport to carry goods and passengers over long distances.
  3. Air Transport:
    Air transport carries goods and passengers through airways by using different aircraft like passenger aircraft, cargo aircraft, helicopters, etc. This is the fastest mode of transport but it does not provide door to door service. Air transport is also a suitable mode in case of an emergency like war, medical, natural calamities, rescue operations, etc. Air transport is classified as domestic transport and international transport.
  4. Water Transport:
    Water transport refers to the movement of goods and passengers on waterways by using various means like boats, steamers, launches, ships, etc. With the help of these means, goods and passengers are carried to different places, both within as well as outside the country. When the goods and passengers move inside the country, it is known as inland water transport. When the different means of transport are used to carry goods and passengers on the ocean or sea route, it is known as ocean or sea transport.
  5. Monorail and Metro:
    These are the types of rapid transit systems found in urban areas. These types of transport are energy efficient and less polluting too. A monorail is a railway in which the track consists of a single rail or a beam. The term is also used to describe the beam of the system, or the trains travelling on such a beam or track.
  6. Ropeway:
    Ropeway refers to a mode of transport that connects two places on the hills or across a valley or river. In ropeway transport, trolleys move on wheels connected to a rope and are used for carrying passengers or goods.
  7. Pipeline Transport:
    Pipeline transport sends goods through a pipe, most commonly liquid and gases. Short-distance systems exist for sewage, slurry, or water while long-distance networks are used for petroleum and natural gas.
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