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Describe the Hao Hao Movement as a Mainstream Nationalism of Vietnam. - Social Science

Short Note

Describe the Hao Hao movement as a mainstream nationalism of Vietnam.

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The Hoa Hoa movement was found by Huynh Phu So in 1939. It gained great popularity in the fertile Mekong Delta area. It drew on religious ideas popular in anti - French uprisings of the nineteenth century. Huynh Phu So 's criticism against useless expenditure had a wide appeal. He also opposed the sale of child brides, gambling and the use of alcohol.  ​French put him in a mental asylum. Interestingly, the doctor who had to prove him insane became his follower in 1941 and even the French doctors declared that he was sane. The French authorities exiled him to Laos and sent many of his followers to concentration camps.

Concept: Nationalist Movement in Indo- China - Phases of Struggle Against the French
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