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Describe the functional areas of Cerebrum. - Biology

Long Answer

Describe the functional areas of Cerebrum.

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  1. Frontal lobes: They have motor area which controls voluntary motor activities or movements of muscles. The centre for expression of emotions, intelligence, will power, memory, personality areas are located in the frontal lobe. The premotor area is higher centre for involuntary movements and autonomous nervous system. Association area is for coordination between sensation and movements. Broca’s area /motor speech area is the motor speech area and translates thoughts into speech and controls movement of tongue, lips and vocal cords.
  2. Parietal lobes: They are mainly for somaesthetic sensation of pain, pressure, temperature, tastes (gustatoreceptor).
  3. Temporal lobes: It contains centres for smell (olfactory), hearing (auditory), speech and emotions. 
  4. Occipital lobes: They have visual area mainly for sense of vision. Wernicke’s area or intelligence centre is the area of contact between temporal, parietal and occipital lobes. It is the sensory speech area responsible for understanding and formulating written and spoken language.
Concept: Human Nervous System
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