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Describe the Condition of Indentured Labour that Migrated from India During the Nineteenth Century. - Social Science

Answer in Brief

Describe the condition of indentured labour that migrated from India during the nineteenth century.

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Indentured labour is a bonded labour who is hired on contract for a specific employer for a specific period of time.

  • The main destinations of Indian indentured migrants were the Caribbean islands (Mainly Trinidad,), Mauritius and Fiji. Tamil migrants went to Ceylon and Malaya. Indentured workers were also recruited for tea plantation in Assam.

  • Recruitments were done by the agents engaged by employers.

  • Nineteenth-century indenture has been described as a ‘new system of slavery’.

  • Living and working conditions of indentured labourers were harsh and few legal rights were granted to them.

  • Labourers assimilated themselves with the culture of the new place. In Trinidad, the annual Muharram procession was transformed into a riotous carnival called ‘Hosay’ in which workers of all races and religion joined. ‘Chutney music,’ popular in Trinidad and Guyana, is another creative contemporary expression of the post indenture experience.

  • Indenture labour migration was abolished officially in 1921.

Concept: Age of Industrialization - Life of Workers
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