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Describe the climax scene in your own words. Write your comments on it. - English

Answer in Brief

Describe the climax scene in your own words. Write your comments on it.

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The climax of Act III occurs when Dr. Stockmann notices the Mayor‘s official hat and office staff (stick) in the newspaper office. Because of this discovery, Dr. Stockmann realizes that the Mayor must have visited Hovstad and Aslaksen in order to stop the publication of the report through his influence. He quickly concludes that the Mayor must be hiding from him in the other room. At this moment, the doctor is still convinced of everyone‘s support for his report and on discovering his brother‘s attempts to manipulate the press, he is further encouraged to give him a piece of his mind. With this confidence, the doctor puts on the Mayor‘s hat himself and opens the door to the room, mocking the Mayor in the process. This leaves Peter enraged. The doctor‘s moment of confidence is short-lived as he quickly finds that Hovstad and Aslaksen no longer wish to print his report. They accuse Dr. Stockmann‘s concerns as being imaginary and state that printing the report would offend the public‘s opinion of the paper and hence, they declare that they will not print it. On seeing everyone turn against her husband, Mrs. Stockmann, who initially had concerns about the consequences of the report on her family, overcomes her anxiety and offers her support to her husband. Disheartened but not defeated by the betrayal, Dr. Stockmann pledges to reveal the report to the public one way or the other, including issuing a pamphlet or renting a hall to hold a public meeting and reading it aloud to the people. To this, the Mayor remarks that nobody will be willing to rent a hall to Dr. Stockmann. The Act ends with the doctor stating that if a hall cannot be arranged, he will march around town with a drum and read the report aloud. Mrs. Stockmann offers her resounding support to her husband‘s resolve and they leave.

In my opinion, the climax perfectly delivers the message of the act, by noting that the one who fights for the truth often walks alone on his path. This is evident when the Doctor realizes he has been betrayed by everybody. It also highlights the extent to which the majority (the Mayor, the newspapermen) will go to make sure that the truth is not revealed. This is clear from their decision to not publish the report and their mockery of Dr. Stockmann‘s decision to try other ways of making it public.

Concept: Writing Skill
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Balbharati English Yuvakbharati 11th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 4.3 Extracts of Drama - (B) An Enemy of the People
Plot | Q 1 | Page 195
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