Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 7th Standard
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Describe the characteristics of plantation farming. - Geography

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Short Note

Describe the characteristics of plantation farming.

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The characteristics of plantation farming are as follows:

  1. Nature: Plantation farming is a subtype of commercial farming. The farm size in plantation farming is between 40 hectares and 200 hectares. It is practiced in hilly tracts. Therefore the use of machines is not possible. As its effect, the local manpower becomes important.
  2. Crops are grown: This type of farming is a single crop farming. This type of farming does not produce food grains. Only commercial crops like tea, rubber, coffee, coconut, cocoa, spices, etc. are planted.
  3. Beginning and Spread: This type of farming began and spread mostly during the colonial period. It is practised in the tropics. This type of farming is practised in India and other South Asian countries, Africa, South and Central America, etc.
  4. Subtypes: Horticulture and floriculture are the subtypes of plantation farming. In horticulture, a variety of native and exotic fruits are grown. In floriculture, a variety of flowers are grown on a large scale.
  5. Capital investment: This type of farming requires large scale capital investment due to the long duration of crops, the use of scientific methods, exportable production, processing, etc.
  6. Problems: Variations in climate, shortage of manpower, deterioration of the environment, economic and managerial problems are some of the major problems faced by this type of farming.
Concept: Types of Farming - Commercial Farming
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Balbharati Geography 7th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 9 Agriculture
Exercise | Q 2.4 | Page 61
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