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Describe the character of Mary Morstan from Dr. Watson’s point of view. - English

Answer in Brief

Describe the character of Mary Morstan from Dr. Watson’s point of view.

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Dr. Watson meets Mary Morstan for the first time when she brings a case for Sherlock Holmes. He describes Mary as a woman with a firm step and calmness of manner. He continues his description of her as a young, graceful, well-gloved lady, who is impeccably dressed in a sober, greyish beige, untrimmed and unbraided dress with a dull turban that has a white feather on the side. He finds her costume to be plain and simple, which suggests that she is a woman of limited means. Her features are not regular and her complexion is not bright, but her expression is sweet and friendly and her large blue eyes are remarkably spiritual and sympathetic. Dr. Watson, who happens to know women from various nations across three different continents, finds Mary’s face to be indicative of her refined and sensitive nature. He even describes her emotional state of mind as agitated, because he witnesses her lip tremble and her hand quiver as she takes her seat. Dr. Watson finds Mary to be a very attractive woman with a deep, rich-toned voice and a beauty that has aged well with time. When Dr. Watson meets Mary Morstan for the second time, he describes her as wrapped in a dark cloak with her pale, composed and sensitive face. He says that she would have looked exceptional had she not been feeling uneasy about her strange situation. However, despite her discomfort, she displays perfect self-control. Watson also observes that as they drove to the Lyceum Theatre, the combination of the dull evening and the mysterious nature of their mission left her nervous and depressed. Finally, he notes that even while they are escorted to an unknown place, Mary demeanour is as resolute and collected as ever. Of most importance is Mary’s disinterest in the inheritance of riches and her relief and happiness at finding out the treasure has been lost and her subsequent acceptance of Watson’s proposal, proving once again that she is a virtuous woman.

Concept: Reading Skill
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Balbharati English Yuvakbharati 12th Standard HSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 4.4 The Sign of Four
Brainstorming (A1) Character | Q 2 | Page 216
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