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Describe the administrative system of the mahajanapadas with the help of following points. Terms showing types of states King’s installation Authority of the king Decision-making - History

Answer in Brief

Describe the administrative system of the mahajanapadas with the help of following points.

  1. Terms showing types of states
  2. King’s installation
  3. Authority of the king
  4. Decision-making
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  1. Terms showing types of states: Rajya, Swarajya, Bhavjya, Vairajya, Maharajya, Samrajya, and Prameshthya were the different types of states that existed during the 6th B.C.E.
  2. King's installation: A 'Raja' was expected to be a 'Kshatriya' and according to the existing norms, a Brahmin was expected to refrain from accepting the position of a Raja. The position of Raja was generally hereditary. However, at times, a king was elected by the people.
  3. Authority of the king: The coronation of a king gave him absolute authority over his subjects. He was the one to decide the amount of taxes to be collected from them. He was the ultimate lord of all the land in his kingdom and so he could donate any portion of that land according to his wish. Nevertheless, his power was not totally unrestricted.
  4. Decision-making: The king made his decisions by seeking advice from his officials such as Purohita, Senani, Amatya, Gramani, etc. Besides, there was an assembly of people from all classes. When it assembled everybody present could participate in the decision-making process. There were times when people's assemblies made a king steps down from the throne.
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