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Describe the Structure of the Common Form of Ice. - Chemistry

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ConceptWater Structure of Ice


Describe the structure of the common form of ice.

Solution 1

Ice crystallizes in the normal hexagonal form. However, at very low temperatures it condenses in cubic form. In the normal hexagonal ice each oxygen atom is tetrahedrally surrounded by four other hydrogen atoms.


Solution 2

Ice is the crystalline form of water. It takes a hexagonal form if crystallized at atmospheric pressure, but condenses to cubic form if the temperature is very low.

The three-dimensional structure of ice is represented as:

The structure is highly ordered and has hydrogen bonding. Each oxygen atom is surrounded tetrahedrally by four other oxygen atoms at a distance of 276 pm. The structure also contains wide holes that can hold molecules of appropriate sizes interstitially.

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Solution Describe the Structure of the Common Form of Ice. Concept: Water - Structure of Ice.
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