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Describe the Steps Involved in Getting Clarified Water from Wastewater. - Science

Describe the steps involved in getting clarified water from wastewater.

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Solution 1

The steps involved in getting clarified water from wastewater are as follows:

1) Use an aerator to bubble air through the wastewater. A mechanical stirrer or a mixer can also be used in place of the aerator. This helps in reducing bad odour of the wastewater.

2) Then, the water is filtered through the layers of sand, fine gravel, and medium gravel. Filtration makes the wastewater clean from various types of pollutants. The water is filtered continuously until it becomes clear.

3) Then any disinfectant such as chlorine tablet is added to the filtrate and stirred to obtain completely clear water.

Solution 2

Following steps are involved in the purification of water:

1) Firstly all the physical impurities like stones, plastic bags, cans etc. are to be removed. It is done by passing the water through bar screens.

2) Then water is taken to grit and sand removal tank where impurities are removed by sedimentation.

3) Solid impurities and feaces etc. are collected from bottom of water. These impurities collected are called sludge.

4) Clarified water is cleaned of other impurities by aerator. All disease causing bacteria are removed by chlorination.

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NCERT Class 7 Science
Chapter 18 Wastewater Story
Q 4 | Page 228
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