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Describe steady population with the help of a pyramid.



When the pre-reproductive and the post-reproductive age groups in a population have almost the same number of individuals, then the population remains stable. This kind of population is called steady population. The young individuals in the age group of 0–14 years are proportional to the old individuals in the age group of 60 years and above.

Concept: Population
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Construct an age pyramid which reflects an expanding growth status of human population.

Describe diagrammatic representation of age structure showing declining population.

Define the term natality.

Distinguish between Natality and Mortality.

In sex ratio, Tamil Nadu ranks

Which of the following is wrongly matched?

In literacy rate, TN ranks

Which district in TN has the highest sex ratio?

Which district has the lowest child sex ratio?

Which Union Territory has the highest sex ratio?

In human development index, TN is ranked

State any two districts with favourable sex ratio. Indicate the ratios.

Describe the qualitative aspects of population.

Population density increases due to ______.

The number of individuals of population who left the habitat during the time period under consideration is known as ______.

On which of the following factors does the population growth of a country depends upon?

A biologist studied the population of rats in a barn. He found that the average natality was 300, average mortality 250, immigration 50 and emigration 100. The net increase in population is ____________.

The type of population represented in the given age pyramid is ______.

The birth rate of a population is also known as______.

What will be the net increase in the population if the average natality was 250, average morta1ity 240, immigration 20 and emigration 30?

Identify the type of population depicted in the given pyramid.

From the given diagram, identify the type of population growth curve:

Which of the following conditions represents zero population growth?

The aggregate of processes that determine the size and composition of any population is called ______.

How many national parks and sanctuaries are present in Maharashtra?

What are the decisive factors for population density?

Match the following:

Column A Column B
(i) Organism (a) Large unit with specific climatic zone
(ii) Population (b) Different species in particular area
(iii) Community (c) Same species in a geographical area
(iv) Biome (d) Basic unit of ecological hierarchy

Identify the appropriate term for the number of births under ideal conditions:

Explain the term Emigration.


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