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Describe the Role of Non-aligned Movement in World Affairs. - History and Civics

Answer in Brief

Describe the role of Non-Aligned Movement in world affairs.

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A number of summits were held by NAM countries to discuss world problems.
(i) The non-aligned nations discussed world affairs at Belgrade in 1961 and Cairo in 1964, in order to bring peace in the world.
(ii) Economic resolutions were adopted at Algiers in 1973.
(iii) The New Delhi Summit in 1983 discussed about disarment and the Iran-Iraq conflict, the Palestinian disarmament and apartheid in South Africa.
(iv) At the Harare summit in 1986 apartheid and racial discrimination were condemned.
(v) When Nelson Mandela was freed in October 1989, he worked actively against apartheid with the full support of NAM.
(vi) The Jakarta Summit of 1992 formulated proposals for democratising the united nations and emphasised globalization of world economy.
(vii) The Kuala Lampur summit in 2003, demanded that the benefits of globalization and the advances in science and technology be shared by the rich and powerful countries with the developing countries.
(viii) At the Havana summit in 2006 the NAM member countries condemned Israel’s attack on Lebanon, supported Iran’s nuclear energy plans and criticised USA’s foreign policy.
NAM still has relevance as with the changing world the member countries have changed their emphasis. NAM is now stressing on human rights, democracy and economic development.

Concept: Meaning and Objectives - Non Aligned Movement;
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ICSE ICSE Class 10 History and Civics
Chapter 24 Non-Aligned Movement
Long Questions | Q 3
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