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Describe the Professional Rivalry and Professional Friendship of Owens and Long. - English 2 (Literature in English)

Answer in Brief

Describe the professional rivalry and professional friendship of Owens and Long.

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Initially Owens saw Luz Long as his professional rival since Long was indeed brought in by Hitler to beat Owens. His anger led to his fouling in the trials. Long, who noticed the unnatural development of a crisis in a world record holder, counseled Owens to focus on the jump by giving him a valuable tip. This not only took Owens by surprise, but also eased him and allowed him the opportunity to believe in himself. Long thus broke the ice and they developed a bond. He later visited Long at his quarters and they spent some time knowing each other. This paved way for building a genuine friendship between the two. When Owens won the finals, Long was beside him congratulating him on his victory. Owens could sense no jealousy or regret in Long’s demeanor or handshake. It was a genuine wish coming right from the bottom of Long’s heart. He respected Long for it and knew that a strong friendship had bloomed between them.

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