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Describe the Picture of India Given by the Author. - English 2 (Literature in English)

Answer in Brief

Describe the picture of India given by the author.

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The Blue Bead is the story of an Indian girl who lives in a mud house the same colour as the groun Most of the people in India in the villages belonging to poor class live in such houses . Sibia like most Indian labourers is dressed ‘in a rag torn in two to make skirt  and sari. Sibia was eating the last of her meal, chupatti wrapped round a smear of green chilli and rancid butter; and she divided this also, to make it seem more. She was bare foot, and often goosey—?cold on a winter morning, and born to toil. In all her life, she had never owned anything but a rag. She had never owned even one anna—not a pice.’This could be the description of any poor beggar or labourer in India. The author also describes the animals that abound in the jungles of India. The huge crocodile which was twice the size of a tal man and was a danger to all who tried to cross the great Indian river. There is a mention of the great turtles who lived in the waters of the river and the mahseer weighing more than a hundred pounds. The author casually writes that you could see the crocodiles Tying out on those slabs of clay over there.’ Another Indian menace which is there is the ‘singing of malaria mosquitoes among the Malaria and some waterborne diseases kill infect and kill many Indians in the villages.Then the author also mentions the elephants to be found in the jungles, ‘morose old makna elephant—the Tuskless One.

Concept: Writing
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