Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary EducationSSLC (English Medium) Class 9th
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Describe in detail about environmental policies in India. - Social Science

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Answer in Brief

Describe in detail about environmental policies in India.

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  1. Environmental policies in India have been evolved considerably over the part 3 decades.
  2. These policies have covered a wide range of issues such as air, water pollution, waste management, and biodiversity conservation.
  3. India faces challenges in economic development, which are to be met from limited resources and uncertain climate.
  4. One of the approaches to overcome this challenge is through the path of sustainable development.
  5. The Supreme Court of India has been engaged in interpreting and introducing new changes in Environmental protection.
  6. Article 51 A(g) of the Constitution states that “It shall be the duty of every citizen of India to protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers, and wildlife and to have compassion for living creatures.”
  7. The Indian Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 protected biodiversity.
  8. The 1988 National Forest Policy had conservations as its fundamental principle.
  9. The Government passed the Environment Protection Act in 1986.
  10. Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act of 1992 for control of bio-diversity.
  11. Development increases with the quality of life.
  12. People will have higher incomes, better education, better health and nutrition, less poverty, and more equality of opportunity.
Concept: Environmental Policies in India
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Tamil Nadu Board Samacheer Kalvi Class 9th Social Science Answers Guide
Chapter 4.01 Understanding Development: Perspectives, Measurement and Sustainability
Exercise | Q V. 2 | Page 292
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