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Describe the Important Properties of Enzymes - Biology

Describe the important properties of enzymes.

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Properties of enzymes

(1) Enzymes are complex macromolecules with high molecular weight.

(2) They catalyze biochemical reactions in a cell. They help in the breakdown of large molecules into smaller molecules or bring together two smaller molecules to form a larger molecule.

(3) Enzymes do not start a reaction. However, they help in accelerating it.

(4) Enzymes affect the rate of biochemical reaction and not the direction.

(5) Most of the enzymes have high turnover number. Turnover number of an enzyme is the number of molecules of a substance that is acted upon by an enzyme per minute. High turnover number of enzymes increases the efficiency of reaction.

(6) Enzymes are specific in action.

(7) Enzymatic activity decreases with increase in temperature.

(8) They show maximum activity at an optimum pH of 6 – 8.

(9) The velocity of enzyme increases with increase in substrate concentration and then, ultimately reaches maximum velocity.

Concept: Concept of Enzymes
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NCERT Class 11 Biology Textbook
Chapter 9 Biomolecules
Q 15 | Page 161
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