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Describe the Importance of Manufacturing Industries as a Backbone of Economic Development of the Country . - Social Science

Answer in Brief

Describe the importance of manufacturing industries as a backbone of economic development of the country . 

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i) The secondary sector covers activities in which natural products are changed into other forms through ways of manufacturing that we associate with industrial activity. It is the next step after primary. The product is not produced by nature but has to be made and therefore some process of manufacturing is essential.

ii) This could be in a factory, a workshop or at home. For example, using cotton fibre from the plant, we spin yarn and weave cloth. Using sugarcane as a raw material, we make sugar or gur. We convert earth into bricks and use bricks to make houses and buildings.

iii) Since this sector gradually became associated with the different kinds of industries that came up, it is also called as industrial sector. 

Concept: Historical Change in Economic Sectors
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