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Describe the Events Taking Place During Interphase - Biology

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Describe the events taking place during interphase.

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The interphase, though called the resting phase, is metabolically quite active. It is the time during which the cell prepares itself for division by undergoing both cell growth and DNA replication in an orderly manner. The interphase is further divided into three phases:

G1 (Gap 1) phase

S (Synthesis) phase

G2 (Gap 2) phase

G1 phase corresponds to the interval between mitosis of previous cell cycle and initiation of DNA replication. During G1 phase the cell is metabolically active and grows continuously but does not replicate its DNA S or synthesis phase marks the period during which DNA synthesis or replication takes place. During this time the amount of DNA doubles per cell. In animal cells, during the S phase, DNA replication occurs in the nucleus, and the centriole duplicates in the cytoplasm. During the G2 phase synthesis of DNA stops while cell growth continues with synthesis of protein and RNA in preparation for mitosis.


Concept: Phases of Cell Cycle
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NCERT Class 11 Biology
Chapter 10 Cell Cycle and Cell Division
Q 3 | Page 171
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