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Describe Briefly Absolute and Relative Growth Rates - Biology

Describe briefly Absolute and relative growth rates

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Solution 1

Absolute growth rate is the measurement of total growth per unit time.Relative growth rate is growth per unit time per unit initial growth.

Growth in given time period/ Measurement at start of time period

Suppose two leaves have grown by 5 cm2 in one day. Initial size of leaf A was 5 cm2 while that of leaf B was 50 cm2. Though their absolute growth is the same (5 cm2/day), relative rate of growth is faster in leaf A(5/5) because of initial small size than in leaf B(5/50)

Solution 2

 Absolute and relative growth rates - Absolute growth rate refers to the measurement and comparison of total growth per unit time.

Relative growth rate refers to the growth of a particular system per unit time, expressed on a common basis.

Concept: Growth - Plant Growth Rate
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NCERT Class 11 Biology Textbook
Chapter 15 Plant Growth and Development
Q 3.4 | Page 253
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