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Describe any three major problems faced by Indian cotton weavers in nineteenth



The problems faced by the cotton weavers in India during the 19th century are as follows:

  •  A long decline in textile exports from India
  •  The local market shrank, being glutted with Manchester imports.
  • Produced by machines at lower costs, the imported cotton goods were so cheap that weavers could not easily compete with them.
  • Weaving regions of India narrated stories of decline and desolation.
  • By the 1860s, weavers faced a new problem. They could not get a sufficient supply of raw cotton of good quality.
  • Civil War broke out and cotton supplies from the US were cut off, Britain turned to India. As raw cotton exports from India increased, the price of raw cotton shot up.
  • Weavers in India were starved of supplies and forced to buy raw cotton at exorbitant prices. In this, situation weaving could not pay.
  • Factories in India began production, flooding the market with machine- goods.
Concept: Making of a Global World - Nineteenth Century Global Economy, Colonialism
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