Describe Any Three Effects of Globalisation on the Culture of a Country. - Political Science


Describe any three effects of globalisation on the culture of a country.



Globalisation means the exchange of ideas and capital commodities across different parts of the world.

Cultural Consequences of Globalisation:-

  1. Cultural globalisation affects our food, clothes and thinking. Sometimes external influences simply give us more choices and sometimes they modify our culture without overwhelming the traditional norms.
  2. In the same way blue jeans can go well with a homespun khadi kurta. Here, the outcome of outside influences is a new combination which is unique. This clashing combination has been exported back to the country. So, we can safely say that globalisation broadens our cultural outlook and promotes cultural homogenisation.
  3. The culture of the politically and economically dominant society leaves it imprint on a less powerful society, and the world begins to look more like a dominant power wishes it to be.
  4. This is dangerous not only for the poor countries but also for the whole of humanity because it leads to the shrinking of the rich cultural heritage of the entire globe.
Concept: Economic, Cultural and Political Manifestations
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