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Describe any three economic hardships faced by Europe in the 1830s.



Great economic hardships were experienced in Europe.

  • The ratio of the rise of the population was larger than that of employment generation.
  •  The migration of rural population to cities led to overcrowded slums.
  • Small producers in towns (especially textile-producing industries) were often ousted by the import of cheap machine-made goods from England.
  • Peasants still suffered under the burden of feudal dues and obligations in some regions of Europe.
  • A rise in food prices or a year of bad harvest left the country poorer.

1848, France

  • Widespread food shortages and widespread unemployment experienced in Paris.
  • Barricades were made and Louis Philippe was forced to flee.
  • National Assembly proclaimed a Republic.
  • Suffrage to all males above 21 was granted.
  • The right to work was guaranteed.
  • National workshops for providing employment were set up.

1845, Silesia

  • Weavers revolted against contractors for the drastic reduction in their payments.
  • This revolution received scorns and threats alternately and resulted in the death of eleven weavers.
Concept: Rise of Nationalism in Europe - Growth of Nationalism in Europe After the 1830s.
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