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Describe any four techniques of scientific management? - Organisation of Commerce and Management

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Answer in Brief

Describe any four techniques of scientific management?

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Some of the major techniques of scientific management are as follows:

  1. Standardization of Tools and Equipment:
    With the result of experiments conducted at the workplace, Taylor advocated the standardization of tools and equipment. Standardized working environment and methods of production help to reduce spoilage and wastage of material, cost of production, fatigue among the workers and it improves the quality of work.
  2. Scientific Task Setting:
    Taylor emphasized the need for fixing a fair day's work. A scientific work setting is important to prevent the employees from doing work much below their capacity. By using this technique, employees will complete the task according to standards given and management can keep proper control on optimum utilization of the workforce.
  3. Scientific Selection and Training: 
    Management can select the right persons for the right jobs by using scientific selection procedures. It needs to fix job specifications as per requirement. Employees are selected according to predetermined standards in an impartial way. After selection, management should provide the proper training programs to increase their efficiency.
  4. Differential Piece-Rate Wage Plan:
    Taylor suggested the differential piece-wage system. Higher rates are offered to employees who complete the work more than the standard quantity under this system. On the other hand, if an employee is performing below the standard; he shall be given a lower rate of wages. This technique motivates the employees to attain higher standard performance and earn wages i.e. remuneration at a higher rate.
Concept: Fredrick Winslow Taylor's Scientific Management Theory - Techniques of Scientific Management
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