Describe with the Aid of a Diagram Some Form of a Fuse Which is Used in the Electric Lighting Circuit of a House. Give Two Reasons Why a Fuse Must Not Be Replaced by an Ordinary Copper Wire. - Physics

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Describe with the aid of a diagram some form of a fuse which is used in the electric lighting circuit of a house. Give two reasons why a fuse must not be replaced by an ordinary copper wire.

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The figure above shows the most common fuse arrangement in which the fuse wire is stretched between the two metallic terminals T1 and T2 in a porcelain holder. This holder fits into a porcelain socket having two metallic terminals to each of which the live wire of the circuit is connected.
A fuse must not be replaced with a copper wire because copper has very low resistivity and high melting point.

Concept: Fuses
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Selina Concise Physics Class 10 ICSE
Chapter 9 Electrical Power and Household Circuits
Exercise 9 (B) | Q 6 | Page 227
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