Describe an Activity to Show that Colours of White Light Splitted by a Glass Prism Can Be Recombined to Get White Light by Another Identical Glass Prism. Also Draw Ray Diagram to Show the Recombination of the Spectrum of White Light. - Science

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Describe an activity to show that colours of white light splitted by a glass prism can be recombined to get white light by another identical glass prism. Also draw ray diagram to show the recombination of the spectrum of white light.

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The seven colours of a spectrum can be recombined to give back white light as

  • Two identical glass prisms are placed such that their refracting surfaces are in opposite direction (placed inverted). When a beam of light is allowed to fall on the surface of one prism, a patch of ordinary white light is obtained on a screen placed behind the second prism.
  • The first prism disperses the white light into seven coloured rays. The second prism receives all the seven coloured rays from the first prism and recombines them into original white light. This is because the refraction produced by the second prism is equal and opposite to that produced by the first prism. Hence, the light coming out of the second prism will be white

Concept: Dispersion of Light Through Prism and Formation of Spectrum
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2015-2016 (March) All India Set 3

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