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SSC (English Medium) Class 10th Board Exam - History and Political Science: Democracy - Democracy - Meaning, Types and Characteristics

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Write a short note on fundamental rights and protection of freedom.


The following are different points which shed light on the phenomenon of fundamental rights and protection of freedom of citizens:

  •  In the democracy, the fundamental rights of the people are always respected.
  •  They are provided various freedoms for their betterment and development. They include the freedom of speech and expression, freedom to form associations  and freedom to approach the courts for protection of rights.
  •  All citizens are considered equal before the law.
  •  A democratic government has to respect the rights of the minorities and guarantee their protection.
  • The Government is accountable to the Parliament and towards the people of the country.
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 2014-2015 (March) (with solutions)
Question 9.2 | 2.00 marks
Solution Concept: Democracy - Meaning, Types and Characteristics.
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