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Define Vestigial Organs. Write Names of Some Vestigial Organs in Human Body and Write the Names of Those Animals in Whom Same Organs Are Functional - Science and Technology 2

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Short Note

Define vestigial organs. Write names of some vestigial organs in human body and write the names of those animals in whom same organs are functional

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(1) Vestigial organs are degenerated or underdeveloped organs of organisms which do not perform any function.
(2) According to the principle of natural selection, such organs are on the verge of disappearance. But it takes many millions of years for its complete vanishing.
(3) The vestigial organs in one animal may be of use but to other kinds of the animal as they still perform regular functions.
(4) The appendix is vestigial for humans, it does not perform any function but in ruminant animals, it is concerned with digestion.
(5) Ear muscles are vestigial for us but in monkeys and cattle, they are functional.

Concept: Evidence of Organic Evolution
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