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Define Vegetative Propagation. List Its Two Methods. - Science

Short Note

Define vegetative propagation. List its two methods.

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Vegetative propagation is a type of asexual reproduction where a new plant is produced from the roots, stem, leaves, and buds of flowers.

Vegetative propagation takes place by the following methods:

  • Through stems − Some plants such as rose propagate through stem cutting. The stem contains nodes on them. A node is the region of a plant from which leaves arise. The piece of stem bearing node is called cutting. When such cuttings are placed in a pot and watered as per requirement, they start giving out roots and leaves. Thus, a new plant can be obtained through stem cutting.

  • Through buds − A vegetative bud consists of a short stem around which immature overlapping leaves are present in a folded state. A bud can give rise to a new plant.
Concept: Asexual Reproduction in Plant
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