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Define the Following Type of Chemical Change Or Reaction with a Suitable Example. Displacement Reaction Or Substitution Reaction - Chemistry

Short Note

Define the following type of chemical change or reaction with a suitable example.

Displacement reaction or substitution reaction

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Displacement Reaction Or Substitution Reaction :
“Those reactions in which one element takes place of another element in a compound, are known as substitution reactions”.
\[\ce{\underset{\text{silver white}}{Zn} + \underset{\text{blus solution}}{CuSO4}->\underset{\text{colourless solution}}{ZnSO4} + \underset{\text{red brown}}{Cu}}\]

Concept: Types of Chemical Change or Chemical Reaction
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Viraf J. Dalal Class 9 Simplified ICSE Chemistry
Chapter 2 Chemical Changes & Reactions
Additional Questions | Q 7.3
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