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Define the Term 'Drift Velocity' of Charge Carriers in a Conductor and Write Its Relationship with the Current Flowing Through It. - Physics

Define the term 'drift velocity' of charge carriers in a conductor and write its relationship with the current flowing through it.

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In a current-carrying conductor, a charged particle is accelerated by an electric field. It also undergoes frequent collisions with the stationary ions of the wire material. These two effects result in a very slow net motion (drift) of moving charged particles in the direction of the electric force. This motion is described by the drift velocity(vd).
The relationship of drift velocity with current is given by \[v_d = \frac{I}{neA}\]

I is the current following through the conductor.
n is the number density of an electron.
A is the area of the conductor.
e is the charge of the electron.

Concept: Electric Current
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