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Define Religion. Discuss Religious Beliefs and Religious Rituals. - Sociology

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Short Note

Define religion. Discuss religious beliefs and religious rituals.

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Religion revolves around man’s belief in the supernatural forces. Religion is a social institution that:

  • Binds man to the supernatural.
  • Binds man to man.
  • Binds the society together.

Religious beliefs and rituals form the two core aspects of any religion.

Religious beliefs: Almost all religious organizations depend upon certain types of beliefs and knowledge with which influence is achieved upon its followers. Religious beliefs form the cognitive part of any religion. They tell us that the existence of sacred things is true and also give us information about the super natural world and also informs us about how our worlds are bound to the supernatural world.
Eg.: We believe that God is watching over all his creations and will deliver justice at the end of it all.

Religious Rituals: This is the practical side of religion. Thus it is the symbolic actions associated with the sacred. E.g. recitation of hymns, immersion in sacred rivers. Ritual is a means to remind the individual of the holy world. It helps man to give expression to his religious sentiments. Religion as a social system that can be understood only by taking into account the religious beliefs and rituals.

Concept: Definition of Religion and Society
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