Define ‘Redox Reaction’. Give One Example. - Science and Technology 1

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Define ‘redox reaction’. Give one example.

What is redox reaction? Explain with one example

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Solution 1

When oxidation and reduction occur simultaneously in a given chemical reaction, it is known as a redox reaction.
Example of a redox reaction:

Reduction         Oxidation

BaSO4 +4C →  BaS+4CO

Solution 2

The reaction in which simultaneous oxidation and reduction take place is called a redox reaction

Cu+2 + Zn → Zn+2 + Cu

in the above reaction, copper undergoes reduction whereas Zn undergoes oxidation.
Therefore the reaction is redox reaction.

Solution 3

The reaction in which one substance gets oxidised and other gets reduced is known as redox reaction.


ZnO + C → Zn + CO

Here, C is oxidised to CO because oxygen is being added and ZnO is reduced to Zn because oxygen is being removed. Therefore, it is a redox reaction.


Concept: Oxidation, Reduction and Redox Reactions
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Chapter 1: Chemical Reactions and Equations - Exercise 2 [Page 46]


Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Chemistry (Science)
Chapter 1 Chemical Reactions and Equations
Exercise 2 | Q 26.1 | Page 46

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