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Define the Process of Communication with the Help of Diagram and an Example . - Communication Skills

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Short Note

Define the process of communication with the help of diagram and an example.

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The process of communication is the steps we take in order to successfully communicate. Components of the process of communication include a sender, encoding of a message, selection of a channel of communication, receipient of the message by the receiver and decoding of the message.

Eg . A manager may be highly qualified and skilled but if he does not possess good communication skills ,all his abilities become irrelevant .A manager must communicate his directions effectively to his subordinates to get the work done from them properly.

The elements involved in communication process are :
1) Sender : The sender or the communicator generates the message and conveys it to the receiver .He is the source and the one who starts the communication.
2) Message : It is the idea ,information ,fact ,view ,feeling ,etc. that is generated by the sender and is then intended to be communicated further.
3) Encoding : The message generated by the sender is encoded symbolically such as in the form of words ,pictures ,gestures ,etc. before it is being conveyed.
4) Decoding : It is the process of converting the symbols encoded by the sender .After decoding the message ,it is received by the receiver.
5) Receiver : It is the person who is last in the chain and for whom the message was sent by the sender .Once the receiver receives the message and understands it in proper perspectiveand acts according to the message ,only then the purpose of communication can be successful.
6) Feedback : The sender is able to understand whether the receiver has understood the message or not and if the message has created the desired impact ,only through feedback from the receiver.

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