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Define Partnership Deed. - Accountancy

Short Note

Define Partnership Deed.

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Partnership Deed is a written agreement among the partners of a partnership firm. It includes agreement on profit sharing ratio, salaries, commission of partners, interest provided on partner's capital and drawings and interest on loan given or taken by the partners, etc. Generally following details are included in a partnership deed.

1. Objective of business of the firm

2. Name and address of the firm

3. Name and address of all partners

4. Profit and loss sharing ratio

5. Contribution to capital by each partner

6. Rights, types of roles and duties of partners

7. Duration of partnership

8. Rate of interest on capital, drawings and loans

9. Salaries, commission, if payable to partners.

10. Rules regarding admission, retirement, death and dissolution of the firm, etc.

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NCERT Class 12 Accountancy - Not-for-profit Organisation and Partnership Accounts
Chapter 2 Accounting for Partnership : Basic Concepts
Short Answers | Q 1 | Page 97
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