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Define Limiting Molar Conductivity. - Chemistry

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Define limiting molar conductivity.

Define the following terms:

Limiting molar conductivity `(^^_m^0)`

Solution 1

The limiting molar conductivity of an electrolyte is defined as its molar conductivity when the concentration of the electrolyte in the solution approaches zero.

Solution 2

Limiting molar conductivity `(^^_m^0)`: When concentration of an electrolytic solution placed between electrodes of a conductivity cell placed at unit distance having area of cross section sufficient to accommodate enough volume of solution containing one mole of electrolyte, approaches zero then the conductance of the solution is known as limiting molar conductivity.

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Solution Define Limiting Molar Conductivity. Concept: Conductance of Electrolytic Solutions - Variation of Conductivity and Molar Conductivity with Concentration.
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