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Define Ligancy. Find the Value of Critical Radius Ratio for Ligancy 3. - Applied Physics 1

Answer in Brief

Define Ligancy. Find the value of critical radius ratio for Ligancy 3.

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ln an ionic solid, the actions are positioned at alternate lattice points. Generally, cations are smaller than anyone in size. in a crysta/,thr number of anions surrounding a cation is called as Ligancy.
Ligancy 3:     Triangular configuration
The arrangement is triangular since a triangle is formed if the centres of the neighbouring anions are joined. In critical condition all the neighbouring anions and the central cation are in contact with each other, as shown in figure,
Here, BC=rA and OC=rA+rc and ∠ BC0=30°

In the Δ OBC, we get
BC /CO=cos3°
or rArc+rA = √3/2
or rc+rA√rA = 2/√3
The critical radius ratio is thus
rc / rA = 0.155

Concept: Study of characteristics of unit cell of Diamond, ZnS, NaCl and HCP;
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