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Define the Following Terms : Molal Elevation Constant (Kb) - Chemistry


Define the following terms : Molal elevation constant (Kb)


Solution 1

Molal elevation constant (Kb):

When 1 molal solution is prepared, the elevation in boiling point is called as molal boiling point elevation constant.

Solution 2

Molal elevation constant (Kb) is defined as the elevation in boiling point of a solution when one mole of a non volatile solute is dissolved in one kilogram of a volatile solvent.

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2013-2014 (March) All India Set 1


8 g of glucose, C6H12O6 (Molar Mass = 180 g mol−1) is dissolved in 1 kg of water in a sauce pan. At what temperature will this solution boil? 

(Kb for water = 0.52 K kg mol−1, boiling point of pure water = 373.15 K)

Calculate the boiling point of solution when 4g of MgSO4 (M= 120 g mol-1) was dissolved in 100g of water, assuming MgSO4 undergoes complete ionization. (Kb for water = 0.52 K kgmol-1)

Out of 1 M glucose and 2 M glucose, which one has a higher boiling point and why?

Why is elevation of boiling point a colligative property?

Boiling point of water at 750 mm Hg is 99.63°C. How much sucrose is to be added to 500 g of water such that it boils at 100°C. Molal elevation constant for water is 0.52 K kg mol−1.

Vapour pressure of water at 293 Kis 17.535 mm Hg. Calculate the vapour pressure of water at 293 Kwhen 25 g of glucose is dissolved in 450 g of water.

Derive the relation between the elevation of boiling point and molar mass of solute.

Account for the following :

H2S has lower boiling point than H2O.

 Arrange the following increasing order of their boiling point:

Arrange the following in increasing order of boiling points:

(CH3)3 N, C2 H5 OH, C2 H5 NH2

Which of the following aqueous solutions should have the highest boiling point?

The unit of ebulioscopic constant is ______.

Calculate the molal elevation constant for water given that 0.2 molal solution of non-volatile and non-electrolyte solute increases the boiling point of water by 0.104 K.

The boiling point to a solution containing 50 gm of a non-volatile solute in 1 kg of solvent is 0.5° higher than that of pure solvent. Determine the molecular mass of the solute (give molecular mass of solvent) = 78 g mol–1 and kb for solvent = 2.53 km–1)

Molal elevation of boiling point constant is the elevation of boiling point produced by ______

AB2 is 10% dissociated in water to A2+ and B. The boiling point of a 10.0 molal aqueous solution of AB2 is ______°C. (Round off to the Nearest Integer).

[Given: Molal elevation constant of water Kb = 0.5 K kg mol−1 boiling point of pure water = 100°C]

Boiling point of a 2% aqueous solution of a non-volatile solute A is equal to the boiling point of 8% aqueous solution of a non-volatile solute B. The relation between molecular weights of A and B is ______.

Assertion (A): Elevation in boiling point is a colligative property.

Reason (R): The lowering of vapour pressure of solution causes elevation in boiling point.

If the molality of a dilute solution is doubled, the value of the molal elevation constant (Kb) will be ______.

Which of the following aqueous solution will have the highest boiling point?


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